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The benefit of our new power brand is inherent in its name: MTU Onsite Energy. In concrete terms this means, our proven energy systems produce power, heat, and cooling – reliably at any time, anywhere.

Consistent Expertise

Systems for distributed energy production play an important role in the Tognum Group portfolio. Their growth potential is continuously expanding, just like their target markets, the inherent possibilities they offer, and the challenges they will have to face in the future.

With this development in mind we are taking a consistent step: We are bundling the Tognum Group brands for distributed energy systems into a new, strong, and global brand.

MTU Onsite Energy brings you extensive, intelligent, and innovative system solutions with diesel, gas, and fuel cell technology – for all applications to satisfy the widest variety of needs.

The brands

  • MTU Detroit Diesel Power Generation
  • Katolight
  • MDE and
  • CFC Solutions

are united as MTU Onsite Energy and bring their full capacity to the new power brand. MTU Onsite Energy focuses on a clear objective in making structures more efficient and opening synergies: consistently and continually improving the products and services we offer you.

With The Genes of Leading Brands

MTU Onsite Energy is one of the world’s leading providers of diesel, gas, and fuel cell systems, and the first to offer a complete product line of technology in the industry.
With an integrated global network of knowledge we provide proven solutions for the following applications:

  • Emergency Power Operation
  • Continuous Current Operation
  • Peak Load Operation

The name MTU Onsite Energy is also a promise: Our global network for production, sales, and support brings success to your projects and ensures that reliable energy is available: Worldwide – On-site – Everywhere.